SATSOL currently offers Time-based Plans and Data-based Plans. The Haus Plus Package has been priced to make Internet available and affordable to the average Solomon Island family for the first time. The Big Haus Plus Package is a premium service for those customers that want faster Internet speeds. The Business Haus Package is  intended for local companies and businesses who are looking for an affordable option to future-proof their Internet accessibility.

SATSOL can also customize our packages to suit your needs if you have something specific in mind that our normal packages do not offer you.

  • Capped Price. Customers are charged a flat rate for their monthly Internet usage!
  • Unlimited Data*. Unlike other Internet Service Providers in the Solomon Islands, no hidden fees are charged for excess downloads!
  • No Contracts. Customers are not locked-in to a fixed period and can upgrade or downgrade their service at any time!


Time-based Plans

Time-based plans are Packages that are charged at a standard monthly rate based on speed and the limit at which traffic shaping starts being enforced.

Haus Plus

The Haus Package offers 192 / 64 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.

Big Haus Plus

The Big Haus Package offers 320 / 128 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.

Ezi Plus

The Ezi Plus Package offers 400 / 200 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.


The SOHO Package offers 576 / 256 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.


The Business Package offers 1280 / 512 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.

Corporate Special

The Corporate Special Package offers 1792 / 12 Kbps with Unlimited Data usage*.

Unlimited True

The Unlimited True Package offers 2.0 / 1.0 Mbps, 3.0 / 1.0 Mbps, 4.0 / 1.0 Mbps with Unlimited Data usage*.



* SATSOL reserves the right to limit the speed and/or data usage of any user found to be abusing the system.


Data-based Plans

Data-based plans are Packages that are based on the amount of data used and not limited in any way to time.


The Pay-per-Gig offers a FREE Gig of data which totals to TWO Gigabyts and Never Expires!**


The Six-Pack Package when purchased comes with another Six-pack data for free! this Package totals to 12 Gigs on Peak and Never Expires!**

Carton Package

The Carton Package when purchased comes with another Carton Package data for free!, PLUS a Six-Pack!

this Package totals to 54 Gigs on Peak and Never Expires!**


** SATSOL also special deals for Data-based subscribers who use our service during off-peak hours. Contact us for more information.



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